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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sorry for the lack of updates- I've been pretty busy! Over 50 patients were discharged earlier in the week which was good. Its a little tough to deal with though because they're sent "home" to port au prince but they don't really have a home to go to. They get off the bus with a tent. But they seem excited to go back. There are a good number of patients that are going to stick around for the prosthetics lab that everyone is very excited for!

There is a great physical therapy group down here working on getting patients up and walking. A group from England brought over this crutch device that has an inflatable hole that they put the amputated leg stump in and they can walk with a walker. I went over yesterday and watched a lot of the amputees get up and walk which was really amazing to see. I'll put up pictures when I'm back. They even had some of the double leg amputees walking!

I've managed to stay busy running the OR- just when things seem to be under control, someone comes in after being hit by a car or something fun like that. It definitely hasn't been boring!

Some of the kids that were sent to Massachussetts for care during my last trip are actually supposed to be flying in to port au prince tomorrow where their families will be waiting so we're keeping our fingers crossed that all goes as planned!
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