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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Here are some pictures of our Chilean UN friends that drove through nightly, took a couple pictures, and left - one afternoon they dropped off a seizing patient and took a picture and left.  But here's a funny story from that little incident - when the man was recovering in our PACU from the seizure, he kept trying to get out of the bed.  So every time I walked through PACU, I would tell him to lay down over and over and over again, and he didn't really listen.  So I asked one of the translators how to say "lie down" in Creole, and I heard "touche" - so for the next hour or two, every time I walked through PACU, I would say "TOUCHE!" and still, he didn't seem to be following my instructions very well - he would just kinda stare at me and continue trying to get out of bed.  I just figured he was confused after just having a seizure...  Well towards the end of the day, I was passing through PACU, and there was a bunch of people around - transporters, translators, local people, patients and family members, and Dr. Bernard, the Haitien hospital surgeon.  So I told the post-seizure guy "Touche!  Touche!" and Dr. Bernard came running over to me and said "NO! STOP!  You're telling him to touch you!  It's 'KOUCHE' not 'TOUCHE'!"  I could feel my face turning red, and EVERYONE in the room was  howling.  Needless to say, I didn't attempt to speak much Creole after that...

The UN taking a little tour of the OR

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