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Sunday, March 7, 2010

The biggest baby heads I have ever seen...

A nearby orphanage had two babies with severe hydrocephalus, excessive spinal fluid inside the skull, and Dr. Suresh Magge, a neurosurgeon from DC, came down to put VP shunts in. 
One of the orphans

Putting in the first VP shunt in Milot

I am vehemenently opposed to scrubbing neuro cases at home, but somehow I got talked into joining Team Neuro...

Baby number two

Team Neuro!
Dr. Bernard, Me, and Suresh

Well when word got out that we had an incredible neurosurgeon at our hospitals, more babies with hydrocephalus started arriving every day and their heads were bigger,

And bigger,

And on the day I was leaving, a German group brought a baby with the worst case of hydrocephalus any of us had ever seen:
Head circumference: 82 cm

The only neurosurgeon I'll work with

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