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Friday, February 5, 2010

For those of you who think I'm crazy...

Here is a little background on my trip to Milot:

The hospital I'm going down to is Hospital Sacre Coeur (I think it's French for Hospital of the Sacred Heart - I really should have taken French instead of Latin in high school...) - for more info on the hospital go to http://www.crudem.org/

So my mom is in the Order of Malta group that helps run the hospital, and when the earthquake hit, my mom was involved in sending medical supplies down to the hospital.  They also needed staff for the hospital, and so my mom asked me if I would go down and work in the OR down there.  So I contemplated it for a little bit and decided to go!  And I had planned to leave on Feb 12th and at the last minute, it got changed to Feb 8th.  And I also don't know when exactly I'm coming back - I should be coming back sometime during the week of February 15th, but the flight schedule changes a lot - I basically have no idea.  And I probably won't have any idea until a day or two before there's a plane coming down that I can fly back on.  For those of you who know how obsessive-compulsive I am (especially when it comes to travel plans), you should all be really impressed that I have agreed to these arrangements...  I'm just trying not to think about it and hope to at least be back for my birthday (February 24th - for those of you who have not started shopping yet, you have a little more time...) and hopefully will be back to see Jimmy Buffett in Jacksonville...   

So I'm going down there to work in the OR for a week or so and help out!  Hopefully I'll be able to get some pictures up while I'm gone (but I'm not sure if the "Can you hear me now?" Verizon man has tested the reception in Haiti...)  So wish me luck!!

And no, I'm not going to be attempting to steal any children on this trip so you can spend my bail money on my birthday present.

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  1. Wow, so Caroline, I'm the first person to comment on your blog. I'm so sorry I didnt get to say a proper goodbye to you today, it didn't really register with me when you said you were leaving MONDAY. Duh. Call me self absorbed. I guess I am sometimes. Anyway, I'll keep you in my thoughts and will check back here for updates. Stay safe!!