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Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm coming HOME!

Its official: I'm coming home today (won't be back in Atlanta til Sunday night I think-going to see Jimmy buffett in Jacksonville tomorrow night!)! I'm at the airport in cap Hatien and the plane is here and I will be on it soon. I owe all of this to both Dr. Lovejoy's and Carol Fipp. They worked so hard to get me home and have saved my birthday!!

I'm so overwhelmed and exhausted but will put up many more pictures when I'm home. I dropped my camera today and broke the screen on it but I'm pretty sure the pictures will be fine. At least I saved breaking the camera for the day I was leaving!

It was bittersweet (but mostly sweet) to do the schedule for the last time and pass off my sharpie markers and give up the control of the board (or lack thereof). The last 12 days have been hard and everyone works crazy hours everyday. I finally took a break yesterday afternoon to go see the citadel but aside from that I was working all day/night everyday.

And the Lovejoy surgery team has been ABSOLUTELY phenomenal. Words cannot express how much I loved working with them!! They are all such amazing people!

And of course I couldn't leave without having to do a little work... I ran the board for a little bit and then we got word that a helicopter would be arriving in 20 minutes to take two spine injury patients to the USS comfort bc we couldn't operate on them here. So Suresh, the neurosurgeon who actually made me like neuro a little bit (but I'm totally going back to cardiac when I go back home... We actually had a cardiac surgeon down here who found someone who might need a pericardial window-of course they find this the night before I leave...) and I ran to the tents to get the patients who hadn't been told that they were going to the comfort yet. So he took one and I took the other and we basically said you're going to the comfort NOW. But the best part of the story is that when we got the patients on the stretchers ready to go, they realized they couldn't find the key to the ambulance to pick them up. So the patients were carried down to the field and got on the chopper. The ambulance key was found shortly after that.

Alright time to get on the plane and attempt to relax. We work so hard everyday that I don't think I've had any time to think about it all. Definitely going to be hard to look back on it all-prob a rough couple days. I need some Jimmy Buffett and a margarita!!
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