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Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentines Day from Haiti!


Check out the video clip above from Santana who's down here filming a documentary. The team in the video was down here 5 days after the earthquake for a week and is the group I'm working with now. They're great but you can blame them for the lack of blog posts as I'm wiped out from another incredibly long and busy day! WARNING parts of the clip are graphic so not for the squeamish

Oh and today I scrubbed the first ever VP shunt in northern haiti! We did two today bc we have a neurosurgeon from DC who's awesome. But these kids had heads the size of soccer balls-it was crazy

Happy Valentines Day! Love you all!
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  1. great posts, Carolyn! As the blogger for our group, I sympathize with trying to be timely and accurate with updates. Miss you, the patients, and colleagues immensely!
    -Joe (from South Bend group)

  2. Woweeee Caroline. What an amazing experience you are having. I love your blog, thank you for sharing this. They are lucky to have you there, and vice versa in alot of ways I'm sure. : )

  3. Cara -you are a blessing to the people of Haiti. How lucky that you have such a gift and that you are able to use that gift in the way that you are. God Bless! Kathleen Mara