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Monday, February 8, 2010

Wheels Down I'm Here!

I have landed! We have bribed Raymond with a delectable publix salami sandwich and will hopefully breeze through customs and immigration. The "international airport" is about the size of a trailer and everone speaks french so I have no idea what's going on. Then I'm off to the thirty minute ride to the hospital tha I have been told is like one big pothole. Should be awesome. The flight was great and the weather was perfect for flying! Fayne just had one minor pitstop at 28000 feet... (she gave me full permission to put it up here!)

Fayne is gonna leave me to go spend a few days and turks and caicos to wait for a shipment of supplies from a Delta cargo plane that they are flying for free. Only problem is the plane is too big to land at Cap Haitian so they've got a smaller plane to fly it to the hospital. We're trying to work on a rendezvous in turks and caicos for a day or two...

Oh and it seems like my phone is working much to my surprise!
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