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Thursday, February 4, 2010

To Blog or Not To Blog

So I'm going down to Milot in Northern Haiti on Monday February 8th, and my sister suggested I make a blog about it.  I thought about it for a while (mostly just realized how it might be hypocritical considering how much fun I have making fun of other people and their blogs) and was pretty torn, but now that I'm about to leave, I've decided to go ahead and do it (mostly bc Katie will harass me like when she wanted to see our pictures from Disney World on facebook... loser) - Here is a bit of the rationale:

-I have a very bizarre sense of humor.  Things that I find amusing, other people might find distasteful and offensive.  I work as a nurse in the OR in cardiothoracic surgery, so to get through the day, I have to laugh at things that most people find creepy or weird - but they don't work in the same environment that I have to deal with every day (and probably wouldn't want to... unless they're masochistic).  If you are easily offended or politically correct, I suggest you just stop reading now
-I love making fun of other people's blogs.  And although I probably should stop now that I am a "blogger," I really enjoy making fun of them too much.  Sorry.
-I really don't think I'm particularly that interesting or entertaining.  I loathe the idea of twittering bc who really cares what I'm doing every moment of every day?  I don't even really care that much about my life.  But this trip is on the list of the more outlandish things I decided do in my life so maybe just for a little bit my life will be somewhat interesting to a few other people

-I'm pretty awkward in person - those of you who have been victim to my attempts to tell a funny story or joke know that I usually wind up laughing too hard trying to get the words out that no one can comprehend what I'm saying and the only person finding the whole thing funny is me.  I also am not that funny in person - but I can come up with a witty text message response every now and then.  So as much disdain as I have for people who blog, I probably will be a little less awkward than trying to recount my trip in person
-Now I don't have to tell the same stories over and over again because I can just tell family and friends to read this instead of having to actually have a conversation with them (just kidding...) 

So here is this little blog - and feel free to make fun of it (because if this were someone else's, I'd find many enjoyable ways to belittle it)

Oh and here are some little things about myself that might help explain some of the oddities you might find here
-I'm an almost-24 year old Pisces and I like long walks on the beach
-My sister(s) and I have a slight obsession with Broadway shows, and hence an unhealthy obsession with "Glee" (I may or may have worn out my tivo watching this part)- I would actually be extremely mortified if someone went through my ipod and saw the disturbing amount of showtunes on there
-I hate (and that is not even a strong enough word) anything pertaining to citrus fruits, especially oranges.  The only exception would be limes, especially if it is garnishing a strong drink
-The majority of the discussions between Katie and myself regarding this blog somehow became recaps of our favorite show, Little Miss Perfect.  Michael Galanes is AMAZING.  I have requested that Katie inspire me with a quote or video from Michael daily if possible.  I think that Michael could somehow use "Wow Wear" to bring about world peace.

Well that's all I can really handle right now because I'm still in denial that I created a blog. 

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  1. busy making 70+ cupcakes so this is going to be short, sweet, and for the benefit of anyone who has not had the light that is michael shine in their lives