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Thursday, February 11, 2010

I promised Sheila I would update this today bc I was going to have some time this evening but between the nightly meeting, posting the OR schedule in all the tents, and this:
So Patty is an awesome nurse who flew down from Oregon on a flight with a nurse midwife who was going to a different smaller hospital around here. There were apparently a lot of pregnant women injured in the quake at this hospital. Patty told her that if she got into trouble to give her a call. Well Patty's phone rings and this girl is freaking out. One of her patients is 36 weeks and preeclamptic (blood pressure of 220/120) with pulmonary edema. The doctor in charge went to his office and locked the door. (That is not a joke) So the nurse midwife is panicking bc she thinks they need an emergency C-section but can't do it by herself. Well Tim who runs the show over here is making phone calls and checking the terrain near the hospital trying to see if they can get a helicopter to get her and take care of her here. Tim did a phenomenal job-he is amazing. However there are so many holdups between getting a chopper to landing it to flying through Haitian air space etc that we're not sire if she'll make it over but we'll see. It may wind up taking a few hours so I'm getting some sleep!

I don't have time to write more now bc I need sleep. Hopefully i'll get a chance to tomorrow! Love you all!
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